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Sport can play a big role in the development of your body. Reading helps develop the soul. Books dedicated to sports can not only induce a child to play sports, but also expand his knowledge in principle.

Remember how often in childhood we were told about the benefits of books. The book is not only the best gift, but also one of the most proven guides of knowledge from person to person. But what to do if you want not only to get valuable information, but also to convert it into practical use? On the shelves of bookstores today you can find (if you look good) books that really help to improve results or at least become good help at the very beginning of sports. We have selected ten such books. In The sports book you will be having the best deal.

Natural running. A simple way to run without injury

The authors of the book strive to tell the reader how to learn how to run easily, freely and without getting injured. It turns out that in order to run without damage to your own health, it is not necessary to buy super-expensive shoes or to purchase a season ticket to the stadium. From the book you can learn about the injuries that beginners face most often, and also learn how to use the hidden cushioning abilities of our bones and muscles, no matter where you run.


The “Bible” contains all the necessary information on how to properly engage in cycling, what is there and how to relax. Reading a book will be equally useful for both a beginner and a professional athlete. The first will be able to pedal and drive the first correct kilometers, and the second will receive some practical advice that will be useful in honing the technique.


This book contains a training complex of 79 exercises, compiled by a specialist and aimed at a wide range of athletes. In addition to competent recommendations on playing football, the book is provided with detailed illustrations showing the work of all muscle groups during the game.

Iron man is in everyone

Ironman is a grueling triathlon race that consists of a 3.8 km race, a 180 km bike race and a 42 km marathon. And the author of the book promises to prepare you for all this. Not bad, huh?

50 pull-ups after 7 weeks

Brett Stewart

The capacious title of the book promises success in the difficult task of working on a horizontal bar in just two months. Doing 50 pull-ups at a time will teach a set of exercises and convincing arguments of the author, complemented by comprehensive illustrations.

100 push-ups after 7 weeks

Edition from the same series as the previous book. The world bestseller this time will teach how to perform hundreds of push-ups, making progress in the same time frame as indicated in the first book.

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